Est 1970 - The home of precision engineering

Excellence in the manufacture of precision components for the aerospace (military and civil) and associated industries.

To deliver a service to the industry that meets the requirements of all our customers

Providing a quality product "On time - First time - Every time"

It strives to maintain efficiencies in productivity, and a commitment to excellence for customers in accordance with quality standard of BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Management and employees alike are dedicated to the control and maintenance of quality, to continually improve the product and processes providing a quality product - On time, first time, every time.

In order to achieve this, the development, training and use of employees knowledge and skills at all levels plays an important role in identifying these requirements.

Furthermore, in association with all employees, every effort is made to ensure that the environment is protected now and for the future.

To this end all 'by products' from this company are recycled and reused wherever practical.

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To view the status of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate visit the SGS website and search using a certificate ID of GB95/5672